2022 Competition

MaccAstro Trophy Competitions 2022

There are four trophies in the competition to encourage and reward more members. Click on the boxes on the right to see the entries in that category

The top three in each category were as follows:

Ivor Townshend Lunar Trophy

  • Winner: Paul Cannon with ‘Craters Kepler and Copernicus at Full Moon’ 
  • 2nd Place: John Tipping with ‘Clarvius area ‘
  • 3rd Place: John Tipping with ‘A stitched Moon and aircraft’
MaccAstro Wide Sky Trophy
  • Winner: Andy Verwer with ‘Lenticular Cloud’
  • 2nd Place: David Tolliday with ‘Milky Way over Compton Beach’
  • 3rd Place: Ian Morison with ‘The Summer Solstice’

MaccAstro Creative Trophy:

  • Winner: Andy Verwer with ‘The Star Box’
  • 2nd Place: Diana Willcox with ‘Pleiades’
  • 3rd Place: Diana Willcox with ‘Painting the Universe’

MaccAstro Deep Sky Trophy

  • Winner: Tony Edwards with ‘West Veil Nebula’
  • Joint 2nd Place: Laurie Yates with ‘IC1795 Fishhead Nebula in Narrowband’
  • Joint 2nd Place: Richard Jackson with ‘M42’

MaccAstro Chairman’s Trophy

  • Brian Corfield with ‘The Sun in  H-alpha’

Well done to all the winners and also to everyone who entered.

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