MaccAstro Trophy Competitions 2020

There are four trophies in the competition to encourage and reward more members. The top three in each category were as follows:

Ivor Townshend Lunar Trophy

  • Winner: David Tolliday with ‘Moon Apennines’
  • 2nd Place: Ian Morison with ‘Colourfull Moon’
  • 3rd Place: Ian Morison with ‘Three Lunar days’
MaccAstro Wide Sky Trophy
  • Winner: David Tolliday with ‘Comet Neowise, Noctilucent Clouds and the lights of Manchester’
  • 2nd Place: David Tolliday with ‘South Stack and Milky Way’
  • 3rd Place: Ian Morison with ‘Leonids over Lake Bala’

MaccAstro Creative Trophy:

  • Winner: Jane Michael with ‘200619 Lockdown Stars’
  • 2nd Place: David Ogden with ‘ZZTop’
  • 3rd Place: Diana Willcox with ‘3 Sunspots – Acrylics’

MaccAstro Deep Sky Trophy

  • Winner: Laurie Yates with ‘NGC7023 Iris Nebula’
  • 2nd Place: Paul Cannon with ‘M31’
  • 3rd Place: David Tolliday with ‘Belt and Sword of Orion’

Well done to all the winners and also to everyone who entered.

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