MaccAstro Trophy Competitions 2018

There are three trophies in the competition to encourage and reward more members. The top three in each category were as follows:

Ivor Townshend Lunar Trophy

  • David Tolliday with ‘Full Moon to Blood Moon’.
  • 2nd place: Ian Morison with ‘8-day Moon’.
  • 3rd place: Mike Tyrrell with “Jupiter Graze”.
MaccAstro Image Trophy
  • Winner: David Tolliday with “Startrails over Ribblehead Viaduct”.
  • 2nd place: Laurie Yates with “Whirlpool Galaxy”.
  • 3rd place: David Tolliday with “Milky Way looking SE from Claerwen Dam”.

MaccAstro Creative Trophy:

  • Winner: Steve Warbis with “S-P-A-C-E-D Out! Bored / Board Game”.
  • 2nd place: Steve Warbis with “Observing Sketch (pencil) & Solar Image”.
  • 3rd place equal: Eileen Fraser with “Ode to the Moon” – poem.
  • 3rd place equal: Jane Michael with “Aurora” poem.


Well done to all the winners and also to everyone who entered.

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