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MaccAstro – Enjoyment in Astronomy for Everyone

There are many different ways of enjoying astronomy and the night sky. Your interest may be in the general sky, its stars, constellations, the moon, sun, and planets. Or perhaps you are fascinated by spectacular objects like nebulae, galaxies and star clusters which are more hidden from direct viewing with our eyes. Your interest might be in how the universe, and life within it, works. Or maybe you are simply mesmerised by the visual splendour of it all – well, let’s face it, we all are!


Some stargazers like to be out in the dark observing with telescopes or binoculars, but many others just like to hear about what there is out there in space and what’s going on in terms of discovery. It’s even quite easy now to capture your own images of the sky, moon, planets and galaxies, with amazingly good results.


You may want to know more about observing and using equipment, or learn more about the creation and evolution of the universe and cosmology. You may want to stay up to date with current space exploration and its extraordinary technology, or get absorbed by the history of astronomy even back to prehistoric times. Some of you may even be inspired to create art, writings, and other inventive ideas as part of your interest in astronomy.


Well, at MaccAstro we try to cater for all of these interests – whether you’re a novice or well-seasoned in your hobby, whether you’re an outdoor stargazer or armchair enthusiast, whether you wish to gain knowledge and skills or simply be engaged and entertained in your interest, and whether you’re practical, thoughtful, creative, scientific or spiritual.

So why not visit us to find out more? – what we do at MaccAstro will hopefully be of interest and you will want to join our society and enjoy its events and activities

MaccAstro – Our Society and Events

We have a wide range of activity to get involved in, in whatever way you want.

Macclesfield Astronomical Society is social group of men, women, juniors and guests, newcomers and veterans, novices and experts, in a sociable spectrum of involvement in astronomy. We have at least three regular events to participate in every month throughout the whole year, including an expert lecture every month, and other varied and informal talks, presentations, demonstrations and displays on a range of astronomical topics.

We also arrange six field trips to dark sky locations during the year, hold additional local observing sessions when conditions are good, deliver public presentations and observing events for Cheshire Rangers, and we are fortunate to participate and present at events organised at Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre. Our very dedicated outreach team also provide astronomy sessions to schools, brownies, cubs, and health recovery centres

You can chose to participate in as much or as little as you want, no level of previous knowledge or expertise is required, and you don’t need equipment to join in. So if you’ve ever been tempted by an interest in astronomy then come along and visit us, and see whether what we do at MaccAstro will suit you.


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If you've not visited us before, please feel free to come along ...  


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